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Projects and Services

Baghbaan's headquarters have always been a welcoming, congenial place where members form all facets of society come together and mingle; this is an excellent way of brining people with problems closer to people with solutions. This not only bridges the gap between socially stratified groups but also nurtures the concept of communal brotherhood and goodwill.

On the basis of the principles mentioned above Baghbaan has initiated the following projects/services.

Healthcare Services

Due to the lack of availability of heath care services in the country, it is Baghbaan's priority to provide basic health facilities to people who need them the most. After identification of the most impoverished and slum struck areas of the city, Baghbaan started its first free medical clinic in Rawalpindi's Dhok-Khabba area about three years ago. Afterwards, medical clinics were established in Fazalabad, Sunday bazaar and Aria mohalla. At the moment the organization is running five medical clinics where almost 500 patients receive free medical services every day. With a focus on rural areas, the organization plans on increasing the number and capacity of these medical clinics in the near future to provide basic medical services to as many financially underprivileged people as possible.

Food Aid

Food shortage and hunger is a grim reality of the underdeveloped world. Baghbaan foundation for social welfare provides food for the deprived and disadvantaged segment of the society. 1250 to 1300 people eat a hearty meal every day at Sunday bazaar all thanks to the efforts of Baghbaan foundation. Moreover, 1250 people are provided with food by the foundation every day at different places in Rawalpindi. The foundation also makes contribution to Dar-al-Flah (a shelter for homeless women and children) and ensures a daily supply of free food to 70 deserving women and children of the shelter.

Ramadan Relief Package

During the month of Ramadan, (A month in the Islamic calendar, considered holy and of extreme religious significance to the Muslims) Baghbaan distributes general food items and offers Iftar to needy people. The foundation provides free food in the form of Iftar to 200-250 people every single day in Ramdan at Sunday bazaar, Rawalpindi.

Emergency/Disaster Relief Services

During times of crisis and disaster the foundation has always been in the forefront to provide relief and aid to people. In 2005, before the creation of the foundation, the administration of Baghbaan contributed significantly toward relief and aid of earthquake victims by providing food and medical services.

The foundation actively participated in aid and service of IDP's (internally displaced people) from Swat and Bajoor by providing food for more than 1000 families and by arranging medical services for approximately 500 patients.

In 2010, Baghbaan foundation contributed avidly by sending 15 truckloads of food and edibles to the flood affected areas of Pakistan. Fifteen free medical camps were also established to facilitate flood affected people. In total, approximately 2000 families at various flood affected areas (Mianwali, Noshehra and Charsada) were assisted by provision of food and medical services by the foundation.

Old Age Home

The foundation operates and old age/retirement home and takes care of the elderly, homeless and abandoned people. People are treated with love and care in this center and their basic needs (food, shelter, and clothing) are tented to. All inhabitants of the old age home are also provided free medical and basic health care services.

Burial Service

Baghbaan has initiated a burial service to prevent desecration of dead bodies. Unidentifiable or unclaimed dead bodies recovered as of result of accidents, homicide or suicide with in the city limits of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are located and collected by the foundation. After performing the last rites, bodies are given a proper Muslim funeral and burial. Dead bodies identified as non-Muslims are given their last rites with the assistance of the local church or temple. The foundation also provides caskets and shrouds free of cost to families who cannot afford funeral services themselves.

Collection of Holy Scriptures

The Baghbaan foundation has established a specialized wing that collects Holy Scriptures like worn out pieces of the Holy Quran and Books of Hadith and protects them from being deconsecrated.

Marriage Bureau

Almost 52% of the Pakistani population consists of females, meaning that females are in relative majority in this country compared to males. Pakistan has a large population of widowed, divorced, orphaned and underprivileged women. It a gruesome but factual reality that men especially those who are blessed with financial prosperity do not want to take such women under their wing by marrying them and providing them with a better life.

To undo this social misdoing, the foundation also manages a marriage bureau where impoverished and orphaned women are provided assistance in getting married.

Welfare Center

Baghbaan operates various welfare centers in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and intends to expand these centers to other cities of Punjab in the near future. The rational behind a welfare center is to bring the services of the foundation to the door steps of the deprived masses. Once fully operational these welfare centers are expected to serve 90 percent of the population of Punjab, acting as service counters engaged in a variety of activities, benefiting the local community directly or indirectly.

Ghawara Social Welfare Center

The progress of any nation depends on its youth. A well educated, healthy population can contribute significantly in uplifting a nation both economically and socially. A good education and recreation are the birth rights of every child. Unfortunately a vast majority of youth in Pakistan is denied that right. Many children don't go to school due to economic and social obstructions and those who do seldom get the kind of opportunities and facilities they deserve.

Baghbaan is not ready to endure this injustice to the youth of Pakistan and is determined to create a change. Bahgbaan has set up a welfare center for financially afflicted children called Ghawara. Ghawara provides needy and deserving children with funds (cash) in form of school and tuition fees so that every child can get a good education. The foundation also helps underprivileged children by buying uniforms for them and providing them with free books and stationery. The goal is to nurture an educated, competent and well-versed generation.

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