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 Baghbaan Future Plans .
Future Plans

Having supported the poverty stricken people in multiple fields like health, food, Ramazan Relief Package, emergency relief, old age home, burial services etcetera the Baghbaan team is now all set to focus and concentrate on mainly following areas:-

Awareness Raising and Training on Natural Resource Management (NRM) for Military Leaders, Bureaucrats and Other Segments of the Society
Bureaucrats and military leaders form two vital groups instrumental in making policy decisions, which affect conservation of natural resources of the country. Efficient exploitation of these resources plays a vital role in the socio-economic uplift of a community, by creating new job markets etc. However, no formal training on natural resource management is imparted to bureaucrats and military leaders, who are in a position to make viable natural resource management decisions.

In this regard, Project Director Baghbaan, Col Mushtaq Ahmed Khan (Retd), ex Advisor NRM Training (WWF–Pakistan Wetlands Programme) commenced awareness raising and training on NRM for military leaders and bureaucrats groups of Pakistan in February 2008. Until July 2010, his team was successful in organising 30 awareness-raising and capacity-building seminars/ workshops on NRM for these groups. The feedback received from about 6400 participants (including women) and organisations was quite encouraging. Bureaucrat institutions, Army and Navy also assented to continue similar NRM workshops /events in the coming years.

Baghbaan looks forward to continue NRM training not only for the bureaucrat and military institutions but for other segments of the society as well.

Mobile Vocational Education Team

Owing to socio-economic pressures in Pakistan, especially in the rural areas, mainstream education is not easily accessible to underprivileged youth, resulting in illiteracy, lack of skill development, as well as gaps in essential aspects of personality/character building, e.g. taking initiative, awareness about civic responsibility etc.

This often leads to unemployment and disillusionment among the youth, who subsequently join low income jobs/businesses earning a bare minimum to support their families. This becomes the root cause of many psycho-social problems in poor communities. Baghbaan looks forward to promoting vocational education and training among the communities through a Mobile Vocational Training Team which provides skills development/refinement, education, and training relevant to their existing livelihood, enabling them to earn a decent living. Besides vocational education, awareness-raising and community sensitisation programmes would also be arranged, focusing on personality and character building coupled with organizing and providing affordable eco-friendly adventure/exposure activities to the underprivileged communities.

The curricula of the vocational education programme will have to be developed carefully keeping in mind the capacities, culture and needs of the target communities. This approach is expected to prepare under-privileged youth to become active members of the adult workforce and earn a decent living. The long term goal of this venture is to develop the socio-economic structure of the poor communities which will lead to a progressive Pakistan.
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