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 What is Baghbaan.
Pakistan's estimated population in 2010 was over 170 million, making it the world's sixth most-populous country. Poverty in Pakistan is a growing concern; approximately 60.3% of Pakistan's population lives on under $2 a day. An alarming number of Pakistani citizens have limited or no access to even the basic necessities of human life, such as food, clean drinking water, and shelter.

Compassion and unconditional cooperation are traits that set human beings apart form from other species. In today's materialistic world, the abovementioned traits are extremely scarce.

Mr. Muhammad Shokat Ali Qureshi, the founder and chief patron of Baghbaan Organization, embarked upon a journey almost 10 years ago to leave no stone unturned in pursuit of containing human suffering with the meagre resources available to him. Years passed by and people who shared the same vision joined him, contributing wholeheartedly and facilitating initiation of several relief projects. W. As a result of the consistent passion and hard work put forth by Mr. Qureshi and his team Bahbaan emerged as an NGO formally registered with government authorities three years ago.

About Us.
Having its headquarters in Rawalpindi (a twin city of Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan), Baghbaan is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization that has been serving communities for the past three years. Baghbaan has no political and ethnic affiliations or agendas and operates solely for social betterment and progress. Baghbaan garners philanthropy, respect for all religions, cultures transparency and benevolence as its steering forces and is committed to play its role in sustainable socio- economic uplifting of underprivileged communities. Baghbaan’s administration is determined to play its part in reducing human suffering and was active in providing social services even before the creation of the organization.
At Baghbaan, we endeavour to implement sustainable socio- economic development in the underprivileged communities of Pakistan through support, assistance and capacity building by the volunteers and donors transforming them into a modern society.
Transparency and Professional Excellence.
With a team of thorough professionals, it has always been Baghbaan's utmost priority to uphold the highest standards of program delivery. A transparent system of fund generation, allocation and dispersal makes Baghbaan not only accountable but also instills trust and confidence in beneficiaries and donors alike.
 Ways to Cantact Us
Main Office:
I – 135 2 nd Floor Ilyas Plaza, Iqbal Road, Near Committee Chowk, Above Ghulam Nabi and Sons, Rawalpindi
Zip Code: 46000, Pakistan.
Cell No: +92-333-5161063
Phone : +92-51-5554299

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